Sales Support: Reynolds Machinery


Reynolds Machinery is an Ohio-based reseller of hi-tech machine tools. Sales were going well but they recognized the need to keep their name in front of their customers on a regular basis. They also wanted their website to be more content rich and easier to navigate.


To understand what Reynolds’ customers valued in a website, we performed several customer interviews. We discovered that customers searching for technical information became frustrated when a distributor’s website linked them to the machine tool manufacturer’s home page for information. This meant they had to take time to search through the navigation structure to find the specific machine they were interested in.

Then we research competitive websites to see how they handled this issue and found that we had a real opportunity to add value to the website and make customer searches easier. We designed a navigation structure that took the customer to the manufacturer’s website and directly to the machine tool they were looking for in one easy click-through.

Next we setup regular postcard mailings promoting special offers followed by multiple e-mails. The offer was also featured on the landing page of the new website providing up to four exposures per special offer.


Sales continued to increase and, in some instances, the featured machine tool was sold before we could post it on the website. At a recent regional trade show Reynolds was promoting their Samsung machines and they repeatedly heard, “Oh yes, I got your post card on that and I’ve already checked it out on your website.”

This simple campaign kept the Reynolds name in front of their customers and helped generate qualified leads and shorter sales cycles. Reynolds Machinery was very pleased with the results.

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How we helped Reynolds Machinery

  • Target market research
  • Graphic design
  • Copy writing
  • Website design and development
  • Email campaign
  • Direct mail
  • Photography