Technology Leadership: EIS Barco


EIS Barco, an Ohio-based technology company wanted to advance their position by introducing a new line of digital CRT projectors.

Concept Company was asked to leverage the parent company Barco Imaging’s reputation for advanced projection technology and launch the new digital “Genesis” high-resolution projection system in the training simulation markets.


The “Holy Grail” of Level-D flight simulation was “eye-limiting resolution.” Though the Genesis product did not deliver eye-limiting resolution it was the highest resolution possible at the time. We promoted the projector's ability to replicate real-world challenges so realistically that pilots experienced true situational immersion.

Ads depicted pilots with beads of perspiration on their foreheads while engaged in a training exercise. That image was what customers wanted to see and the brand was accepted as the ultimate projection system available.

We also introduced “Bogey”, a HUD (heads up display) simulator, and a new calligraphic projector that faithfully simulated high-intensity runway and aircraft lights. As technology advanced, we introduced the next generation Sim 7 LCD digital projector which eventually replaced traditional CRT-based projector systems.


Our initial challenge was to secure and re-enforce a leadership position for Barco within the civilian and military simulation training markets. We accomplished that goal within 24 months. By the end of the third year, Barco projection systems were being installed on over 75% of all the new level-D flight simulators being built. This represented nearly a 40% increase in market share internationally.

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