Create a Market: Comco


Comco, a flexographic printing press manufacturer, had invested heavily to design a new press capable of printing on paper, foil, film, and board stock. When it was introduced, the packaging industry did not embrace the new concept.

Complicating matters, Comco's press was almost three times the cost of other flexo presses. Concept Company was asked to help make multi-substrate printing a household word in the label and packaging industries.


We began by analyzing market trends and discovered that brand buyers preferred single-source responsibility suppliers. They also wanted faster turnarounds with shorter print runs to reduce packaging inventory costs. This scenario was perfect for Comco’s multi-substrate press.

To communicate this found opportunity, we initiated training seminars where brand packaging buyers presented their challenges and Comco demonstrated their solution—their multi-substrate press. Sales grew.

We expanded the educational initiative by forming a trade association of industry technology leaders. The mission was to promote flexography as an attractive and cost-effective alternative to traditional printing processes (gravure and offset). The association's efforts were promoted through advertising, trend articles, case-studies, and tradeshow participation.


Within two years the narrow web flexographic printing sector increased market share by over 25%— taking business away from their gravure and offset competitors. Within three years, flexographic multi-substrate capabilities were in high-demand and Comco was the only press on the market that could do the job.

Comco grew from $12,000,000 to $45,000,000 and was known as having the premier flexographic technology in the industry. Concept Company helped Comco establish a new paradigm in the packaging industry and move from “who cares” to “WOW!"

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How we helped Comco

  • Executive consulting
  • Target market research
  • Trends research
  • Competitive research
  • Communications audit
  • Marketing strategy
  • Copy writing
  • Print ads
  • Photography
  • Media planning & placement
  • Public relations
  • Trade publication articles
  • Brochure design
  • Website design & programming
  • Association management & promotion
  • Tradeshow banners & displays