Product Introduction: Barco Graphics


BARCO Graphics, a Belgium-based company with sales offices in the US, produced high-end design and prepress software for the printing and publishing industries. Though popular in Europe, BARCO was unknown in the US and Latin America. At the time, bar codes were gaining popularity and people confused the BARCO name with bar codes.

Also, Scitex, an Israeli company, dominated the global commercial printing industry while Adobe & Quark dominated the design and publishing markets. BARCO had formidable competition and serious pricing pressures. Concept Company was asked to help build brand recognition and value.


After researching their industry and sales barriers, we found that BARCO was competing with off-the-shelf software that cost about $200 – $300. BARCO's modular system ranged from $40,000 – $60,000 per operator. While their software was more robust, its value was not established.

In the early days of digital prepress, revisions were handled in the authoring application. The BARCO system could edit layered Postscript files—that ability alone could save publishers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by reducing scheduling delays and redos.

By focusing on work-flow efficiencies, we helped BARCO make postscript editability the new industry standard. We published ads highlighting how printers and publishers were losing money daily in prepress. We demonstrated how the less expensive, off-the-shelf software actually cost more long-term than the full-featured BARCO software.


Within six months of campaign launch, BARCO increased business by over 60%. Within 12 months they increased an additional 40%. Within two years, BARCO was considered the premium design and prepress software in the printing and publishing industries. Eventually BARCO sold their technology to ESKO, a global leader in prepress and automated plate imaging.

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How we helped Barco Graphics

  • Executive consulting
  • Media planning & placement
  • Target market research
  • Public relations
  • Trends research
  • Trade publication articles
  • Competitive research
  • Brochure design
  • Communications audit
  • Website design & programming
  • Marketing strategy
  • Copy writing
  • Key messaging development
  • Tradeshow banners & displays
  • Print ads
  • Photography