Concept Company created the VOSTI™ process to help executives see their business from an unbiased perspective.

VOSTI™ stands for:

V ision

O utcome

S trategy

T actical

 I mplementation

The process is based on the principle that an overriding vision drives the desired business outcome which in turn drives the strategy necessary to achieve the desired outcome. The strategy then drives the development of all tactical elements and actions which then drive the actual implementation. While this process appears to be simplistic it is powerful in its results.

Most companies establish goals and objectives but few envision a business outcome in detail. Alignment with a highly defined business outcome brings clarity and relevancy to goal setting and measurability. It discourages reactionary activity and stimulates proactive initiatives that contribute directly to the desired outcome.

Understanding your motivations (vision) and your desired business outcome significantly simplifies your strategy and tactics. The VOSTI process helps eliminate all activities that do not directly contribute to the desired business outcome. By focusing on the essential actions required you build the desired business outcome more quickly and efficiently.

With VOSTI, you rely upon your core vision to keep your direction and activities on track. You deconstruct the outcome to discover the attributes and how you got there. You can think of it this way, if you’re going to build a boat you first need to know the size, shape and construction of that boat to determine your materials list and building plans. Building the future of your business works the same way.

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